I started to think about writing this post a few weeks ago.

This was initially intended to be a ‘Christmas Gift Guide for Mums’. I had started to do a little bit of ‘crowd sourcing’, asking my local mums’ group, “What do you really want for Christmas?”.

I had expected to receive answers full of the most sought after gifts of the season; gift sets, a nice hand bag, a good coat, new perfume…that sort of thing!

Instead, what I was flooded with, was something different entirely!

Some joked and said they wanted “more sleep”, some said they would LOVE some IOUs for the promise of a babysitter for just a few hours break.

Some said they just wanted a friend to come round and share a bottle of wine with them.

I started to think about all of the amazing people in my life, the people I have had the gift of meeting this year, and the people who have touched my heart in a way that I can’t describe.

This got me thinking some more, why do we spend so much money at Christmas, when the most valuable thing we could give to somebody could actually be our time?

Time to listen, time to talk, time to cry, shout and laugh…

I thought, this want for the gift of ‘time’, isn’t exclusive to just other mothers like me.

There are billions of people in this world, and just a small speck of them are our own friends and family.

Is time really such a difficult gift to give?

Could we not spare an hour a week visiting a friend in need, helping a stressed out relative or a keeping lonely neighbour company?

If every one of us gave one hour of our time to another person, to simply be there for them; offer to go to the shop for them if they can’t go themselves, or just to sit with them and hold their hand…do you know how much true joy we could bring to the ones we care for this Christmas?

Time is so precious, eventually it runs out, sometimes we are blessed with more time than others.

Why not stop and think this Christmas, what could you DO to bring true joy to somebody you care about?

Money is just an object. Time is precious. Don’t waste it.



Skint Momma xx


A Cornish Mum

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