5 Minute Mum Makeover for Busy Mums


Being a mum to young children often leaves me feeling less than glamorous, sometimes it’s important for us Mommas to take 5 and do something small that just makes us feel more human. Whether it be applying a face mask, having a quick shower with the door closed, or putting on a bit of make up, if the opportunity arises for me to take a few minutes for myself I’m grabbing it!

So, I decided to pay a visit to my favourite beauty site Feel Unique (and my mascara from LIDL!) and treated myself to my bi-yearly “mum make up” haul. All of the products that I bought were all under £10 each, but most of the items were under £5 each, my absolute favourite budget make up brand being Rimmel.

I can’t even pretend to want more expensive make up, for me sometimes there are a few cheaper options out there that I just have to have in my make up bag!

Here is everything that I got…