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I came up with the idea for creating the blog Skint Momma in March 2015, when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child, striving for a healthy pregnancy and living on a shoe string budget.

The idea came to me one day when I had very little food in the cupboards or fridge, yet I still managed to scrape together a delicious home made spicy tomato soup with the few things I could find - some stock, a tin of tomatos, an onion, a little garlic and some chilli powder.

I started with by creating a Facebook page, posting my soup recipe, and sharing it with my family and friends. Soon I had a growing collection of thrifty recipes, and a few thousand readers to boot!

Another one of my first posts

A few months passed, and my local paper got in touch with me and asked if they could do a write up all about my blog, and safe to say I was thrilled. This lead to another paper and a local women's magazine to feature Skint Momma in their pages too. I was then invited to speak all about my blog on BBC Radio Ulster's show 'Good Morning Ulster', certainly a few of the highlights of my blogging career!

My story in my local paper 'The Spectator' and Local Women Magazine




As Skint Momma grew and started reaching a wider audience, I decided to lay it all out there, with a straight from the heart video all about what life is like for a special needs parent. This led to a flood of heart-felt comments and messages from parents just like me, who understood exactly how I felt. That was the moment that I felt all of my hard work and time put in to my blog was all so worth it!

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My proudest Moment...


Here is a sneak peak into how I spent my 26th birthday! As you all know, I fundraised for a lot of weeks before I got about half my hair chopped and donated it to Little Princess Trust! I raised £1042.30 with the help of all you kind and generous people!!I'm so pleased to be able to share this video. I want to thank everybody who got involved in the whole thing, from being a helping hand to donating prizes from your businesses, I can't thank you all enough! Thanks to Holywood Social Club Coast Holywood Garrys Barber Shop The Hair LoungeTesco Madisons Hotel Ulster Rugby Official Baby Sensory Belfast The Cleaning Fairy Blue Bow Photography Man barbershop Love, Lolly x Ellis Makes Scents Solo Hair TrudySolo The Wig Boutique at Solo Helen Walker, Gary Potter, Stuart Potter and everybody else who helped me out so generously!!

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