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Lose weight with eggs


I wanted to share with you a collection of my favourite frugal yet super healthy meals made with eggs!

Take 2 eggs to make a thin omelette and use in plate of a tortilla wrap for a low carb lunch. This one is filled with plain fat free cottage cheese, cooked mushrooms and sliced bacon (no rind), served with some freshly chopped tomatoes.

egg wrap with bacon mushroom and cottage cheese

Try baking an egg inside a hollowed out pepper. Carefully crack the egg inside the pepper and oven bake for about 20 minutes at 180 degree celcius (until the egg has turned white!). Serve with some cooked mushrooms and bacon.

egg baked inside a pepper

A plain omelette wrapped up, served alongside some avocado and bacon on toast with a little hot sauce. This was awesome!

omelette with avocado and bacon toast

Egg pizza. This one is truly fantastic. Use 6-8 eggs to make an omelette, allow it to cook in the pan until its almost cooked through, then add your toppings and place under a hot grill to finish it off. I used sliced ham and cheddar cheese on this one.

egg and ham pizza egg and ham pizza

Try some sliced avocado wrapped in an omelette/egg wrap. I topped mine with my favourite hot sauce and served alongside a refreshing fruit smoothie!

egg wrap with avocado and hot sauce

Skint Momma xx

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Honest Slimatee Review

DISCLAIMER :- I do not work for HOLLAND AND BARRATT or Slimatee, or sell anything to do with Slimatee. I’m simply just a mummy trying to shift a few (by a few I mean a lot) pounds!



I had started to look around online at these ‘teatox’ teas being advertised. After seeing the price of them, I thought twice and started to ask around. One woman mentioned ‘Slimatee’ from Holland and Barrett, so I started reading reviews and doing a little research on it before making my purchase.

At just £3.69 for a box of 20, I bought myself 2 boxes at buy one get one half price, because you know how I love a special offer (offers change all the time, offer was correct at time of purchase – Aug 2015).

When my tea arrived it took me over a week to actually open it and start drinking my daily cup, as I was being told lots of dodgy stories about it, mainly bathroom related!

Once I started, the first thing I noticed was the taste – exactly like peppermint tea. I love peppermint tea so it wasn’t hard to swallow at all. 

About 10 hours after drinking the tea, I noticed some mild cramps in my tummy but nothing else. 12 hours later, a short bathroom trip was required, but really nothing out of the ordinary (SORRY!!).

I continued to drink one cup a day for 14 days, once in the morning around 8/9am. I changed my diet as well. I cut down on snacks and bread, and ate low calorie crisps and fruit instead of snacking on junk.

I ate all my own home cooked meals for dinner, I usually had an omelette and salad for lunch and toasted Nimble bread with cottage cheese, yogurt and fruit for breakfast.

By day 14 I had lost 10lbs.

So my conclusion is…if you want Slimatee to work, you HAVE to eat healthily alongside it. Drink plenty of water and green tea too. I have to admit I did NO exercise at all, as I am still suffering with pelvic arthropathy after giving birth (horrible!).

Slimatee seems to be more of a colon cleanse, rather than a ‘miracle cure’ for being overweight! In my opinion there is no quick fix for losing weight, the real key to it is a healthy diet and exercise! Although, it definitely helped my tummy feel a LOT less bloated and I didn’t feel tired or sluggish anymore, which for me was fantastic.

*Remember – do not drink it for longer than 14 days in any 2 month period and ONLY have ONE cup per day! (check with Holland and Barrett/your pharmacist/your GP if you are unsure about anything please!)

….I’m looking forward until I can drink it again, so yes, I would recommend it!


Skint Momma xx

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Skint Momma’s Weight Loss Journey


If you have arrived here because you have been following my weight loss journey on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat (skintmomma) then HI! If you have arrived here by accident…WELCOME!

I wanted to do this post just to let you all know how my weight loss journey is going so far.

I am simply eating healthy, making smarter choices, smaller portions and cutting back snacks to either 1 or 2 100 calorie snacks per day or unlimited fruit, veggie or fat free yogurt. I make homemade soups in bulk using my slow cooker, in fact I make lots of other meals in bulk using my slow cooker! A slow cooker is a slimmer’s best friend. You can make sure you are never tempted to get a takeaway by ensuring that your fridge and freezer is well stocked up with pre-made healthy meal options.

My next essential is WATER. Water water water!! Drink it, drink it all!! Ok, not literally ALL, but absolutely make sure that you are getting 2-3 litres of water in per day.

Peppermint tea is my best friend too. I have IBS so bloating is very common for me, I find that peppermint tea really helps to ease the bloat and the pain that comes with it.

Buy berries and freeze them, these are great for smoothies, to top your porridge, or just to pop into a bottle of water if you’re feeling fancy!

So, as I know we all love a good before and after picture, I wanted to share with you some of my before and during photos. I have lost 23lbs so far and my goal is to lose about 46 more. I know it seems a lot, but I still take everything at my own pace. It’s not a race.

I also make sure that I have the odd ‘day off’ too, I truly believe it’s the key to staying on track. Allow yourself a day once in a while where you eat whatever you fancy for 2 hours. Don’t  let it snowball into a week or month off though, just look forward to your next treat day!

Anyway, here are the photos…

You can follow my weight loss journey on Instagram, use the hashtag #skintmommasweightlossjourney

skint momma's weight loss journey skint momma's weight loss journey skint momma's weight loss journey skint momma's weight loss journey skint momma's weight loss journey skint momma's weight loss journey skint momma's weight loss journey

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