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World Book Day with ASDA | Thursday 2nd March 2017 

Pictured is Asda’s Mad Hatter and Professor Snape at Asda’s launch for World Book Day

Asda set to bring World Book Day to Life!
Characters from the most popular children’s novels will take charge of the shopping aisles in Asda to celebrate World Book Day (Thursday 2nd March).
Big and little kids are encouraged to come along next week, to hear the magical words of JK Rowling and Lewis Carroll, as told by Asda’s very own Professor Snape and Mad Hatter ahead of World Book Day.
Speaking about the activity, Asda Antrim’s Community Champion, Barbara Logan said:

“World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity to encourage reading, and this activity will really help ‘the words jump off the page!’ Reading is a great way to fire children’s imagination, and we know our customers will enjoy seeing these classic stories being brought to life.”

Interactive reading sessions will take place in selected Asda Stores (Asda Antrim / Asda Enniskillen / Asda Larne) on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st February at selected times.

Children can swap their World Book Day tokens in store, or use their money-off coupons on a wide selection of book available in store. Asda has an extensive range of adult and children dress-up options available online and in store now. The Mad Hatter and Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter costume (pictured) is available in store now.

What is your little one going to be dressing up as for World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March 2017? 

Don’t forget, Asda has a great selection of costumes available for any Mums out there searching for the ideal costume for WBD, as well as having the books instore!

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The cold, dark months can make it tricky to get out of bed in the mornings, and even trickier to avoid jumping straight back in at the end of the evening.

Whittard is company that has been mastering Britain’s beverages for over a century, and they want to help warm us up this winter!

The nice people at Whittard want to help you through the winter months, so are giving 3 lucky people the chance to win £100 to spend online on any scrumptious items they like.

Choose from a delicious selection of hot chocolates, coffee beans and tea blends. Plus, there’s a gorgeous array of gifts and hampers should you feel in sharing mood.

You don’t even have to get out of bed to enter



—–> CLICK HERE <——


All you have to do to enter is tell them your favourite Whittard hot chocolate flavour in the comments section.

Choose from their favourites pictured above (Rocky Road, Crème Brûlée or Salted Caramel), or head to the site to see all the other flavours.

And if you win, you can buy them all!

*The competition closes at midnight on Thursday 17th November 2016. Entry is open to UK residents only. Winners will be chosen at random and contacted via email. If a winner cannot be contacted or if there is no response, Voucherbox reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant chosen at random. Winners may be announced on social media. Entrants may be contacted about relevant deals in the future, which may be unsubscribed to at any time*

Skint Momma is not affiliated with Voucherbox or Whittard in anyway, Skint Momma is simply sharing this competition for the interest of our readers. Any issues with either company should be taken up with them directly. 

Thank you


Good Luck!

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10 Signs You Have Mummy Brain


Are you the proud owner/mummy of 1 or more young children? Do you find yourself questioning everything you say and do? Do you feel like you might be losing your mind a little bit more every day?

You do??! 

You probably have ‘Mummy brain’

Here are the signs to look out for…

1 – When you go to do the laundry, you put all the kids clothes in the bin and a dirty nappy in the washing machine.

2 – You have to go through a list of names in your head before saying your own child’s name out loud. These may include the names of your siblings, partner, or pet’s name.

3 – You find your hairbrush in the fridge and can’t remember who put it there (it was you).

4 – You go for a pee at 5am…one minute later you think “Did I pee or not?”

5 – Your little bundle of joy explodes (from his/her bum) onto your bed at 3am, you reach for the baby wipes and throw a towel on it, lie down again and think “It’s only poo, I’ll deal with that tomorrow”. You don’t.

6 – You have left the house in one of the following at least once – slippers/dressing gown/pyjamas.

7 – You have sprayed hairspray on your armpits thinking it was deodorant and been genuinely confused all day as to why your skin is a strange texture and you smell like a hair salon

8 – You have used black eyeliner instead of eyebrow pencil…this needs no explanation. Epic brows.

9 – You forget what it’s like to talk to people like an adult. You use the phrase “poo-poos” far too often.

10 – ……………I’ve forgotten…

…and the best thing about it is – they don’t care what a hot mess I am. Not one bit! 


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Skint Momma xx


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The 6 Stages of Labour and Birth


My honest take on my labour and birth experience. I appreciate that each woman’s individual experience will be different to the next. So here is mine…

I wrote this blog post while the memory was still quite fresh in my mind. It was only 8 weeks since I had my second baby and although this time round “the fear” was leaving me much quicker than it did with my first (it took me almost a year to ‘forget’ how terrifying that was!) the memory was still fresh enough to know that I don’t want to do it again any time soon!

This is based on MY personal experience. That’s the beauty of labour and birth, each persons experience of it is so unique. While I’m sure some people will think “mine was nothing like that…”, I’m positive others will relate.


The first stage

“Oh my goodness, yay! Baby time!”

The excitement hits you, you feel that first little cramp, your waters break and we’re off! Oh how excited and naive you are, you can do this no problem!

The second stage

“Ok, so yes this hurts now, but really it’s not that bad, I don’t know what everyone complains about this is fine…”

You’re still clueless as to what is to come, you think it’s kind of a breeze really. You can TOTALLY do this! You’ve got this contraction thing down, easy.

The third stage

“Don’t touch me, don’t talk to me, don’t breathe near me, don’t look at me, help me!!!”

You’re in ‘established labour’ as they call it. It’s all come out of nowhere, what is this?! You are in the zone now, they ask if you want gas and air, you think “why are you asking me this and why isn’t it in my damn mouth already!!!”. Now the fun begins.

The fourth stage


The heads coming. The heads almost out. You have no words. Beast mode is on. Now the shoulders…”what the……FFFFF**************K?!?!?!?”. Oh.

The fifth stage

“Thank God that’s over….wait what?!?”

Oh it’s so not over…nobody told you about this part. You have to start pushing again, you have to get the placenta out. Woohoo! It’s out…now it’s all over……nope not yet!! The stirrups come out, legs go up, and your midwife is coming toward you, wheeling her little trolley of sharp instruments intended for your lady garden. Oh God…the fear is coming again! This is an entirely different experience….I can’t even…..

The sixth stage

It’s over I did it, oh my goodness, I might go for a sleep now….*baby starts crying*…oh wait…I’m a parent now!”

The relief is unbelievable, you feel like the most powerful woman alive, you totally didn’t know you could do that. You did it though, and you are certain you don’t want to do it again anytime soon…(even though I did!). Just wait until you stand up…that’s another story!

But in the end, it’s all worth it…right?


birth and family

Skint Momma xx

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The “Terrible Twos” are they really that terrible?


The “Terrible Twos”, are they really that terrible?

The terrible twos…the phrase most parents have heard at least once. From family, from friends, even strangers! It’s a phrase people throw around when your little 30lb bundle of love is throwing herself on the floor, screaming because you asked her if she wanted juice.

People look at your ‘terrible two’ year old, and then look at you with sympathy. You think, oh here it comes…”awh the terrible twos eh?”

Do you feel relieved or embarrassed that they are trying to show you they aren’t uncomfortable? Should you really have to excuse your toddler’s behaviour, or should you just ignore it? She is only TWO after all!

Sometimes I wonder why people feel this incessant need to excuse my child’s behaviour, it doesn’t comfort me, I don’t need comfort! I’m good, trust me. I have the pleasure of experiencing these ‘toddler meltdowns’ at LEAST twice a day, I’m totally accustomed to it.

My precious little monster gets up to all kinds of things every day. She’s so mischievous yet so hilariously adorable. I teach her right from wrong, I teach her to say please and thank you, she is not a bad child. She’s two.

Yes, she has drawn on the floor. Yes, she has pulled an entire roll of toilet paper out all over the bathroom. Yes, she has (almost!!) tried to drop the iPad in the bath. Yes, she got into the vaseline and painted her entire body, head to toe.

This doesn’t make me mad one bit. In fact, these little crazy things she does I find irresistibly adorable!

These are the memories I will cherish forever. These are the things I will tell her about when she is all grown up, and we will smile and laugh about them together.

When she starts acting like a ‘terrible two’ year old, I don’t yell or shout…I grab my camera.

I do this because one day she won’t be so small, she won’t always want to cuddle into me when she’s feeling happy, sad or just wants a hug.

I don’t wish the ‘terrible twos’ to be over quickly, she won’t be so little forever.


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