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As we are right in the middle of the ‘wedding season’ (although the weather is really not cooperating right now), lots of couples people will be attending weddings, thinking about starting to plan their own weddings. 

I actually got married myself in November 2014, and being 4 months pregnant at the time, we really needed to cut back on costs to save money for the upcoming arrival of our second baby.

For me, my wedding was perfect, it was all I wanted and more. Weddings definitely don’t have to cost a small fortune anymore, mine didn’t and it was without a doubt, the best day of my life.

So I wanted to share with you my top 15 tips for doing a wedding on a budget…

  1. One word – Pinterest! It is fantastic for getting ideas for DIY weddings from all the super crafty, artsy people out there
  2. Make Ebay and Amazon your new best friends. Search for anything and everything you want for your wedding on Ebay or Amazon first, before going to a retailer and mentioning the word “wedding”. Lots of bargains to be found!
  3. Check out sites like sellmywedding.co.uk, bride2bride.co.uk and preloved.co.uk…same idea as above. (Most) Weddings are for one day, meaning everything purchased will be used for ONE DAY! Don’t be afraid of somebody else’s second hand wedding items, they have been barely used.
  4. For photographs, ask around colleges and online for any photography students looking to expand their portfolio. Chances are they will only charge a small fee, or travel costs. Ask for photographs to be put onto a disc or memory stick for you and print them yourself. This way you can shop around for the best price for prints. I like photobox and vistaprint.
  5. Don’t be afraid to shop on the high street for your dress, bridesmaid dresses and flowergirl dresses. Doing this, especially around June or December time when there are big sales on, could bag you some serious bargains! Even if the sizes are a little off, finding a dress maker to alter garments for you doesn’t cost too much.
  6. For your cake, before mentioning “wedding” ask for a quote for what you want (size, flavour etc). Sometimes when people hear the word “wedding” the price gets hiked up a little!
  7. When choosing your venue, rather than the usual ‘hotel reception’, ask around in restaurants, golf clubs and local halls if they would host your reception. Ask restaurants for a set menu and agree on a price per head, or consider having a buffet instead. Always ask if the restaurant will throw in some complimentary tea and coffee for you guests while they wait for you (if you don’t ask you don’t get). If you have a relative or close friend with a large house and garden, you could even consider asking to ‘borrow’ their house for the day, get a few gazebos up, decorate and ask guests to bring a dish of food each and a bottle of wine in place of wedding gifts.
  8. Have a ‘wedding favour making night’. Get your mum, mother-in-law to be, aunts, sisters, bridesmaids,daughters…together and come up with ideas for wedding favours you can make yourselves. Pinterest is great for ideas of this kind.
  9. Watch YouTube tutorials and learn how to do the perfect wedding hair and makeup yourself. Even if you as the bride would prefer a professional to do yours for your big day, save £££’s and get your bridesmaids to do it this way.
  10. Shop on the high street for men’s suits. Some shops charge just as much to hire a suit for one day as it costs to buy one on the high street. Try River Island, New Look, even Tesco.
  11. Opt for foam flowers instead of fresh. Look on Ebay or Amazon for a full set of bridal, bridesmaid, flower girl and button hole flowers. Mine cost me just £60 (with 1 bridal, 3 bridesmaid, 1 flowergirl wand and 3 button holes). This way when you are finished with them you can sell them on to another bride, and get most of your money back (as long as they are in good condition).
  12. When choosing centrepieces for the tables, ask family and friends to keep all their glass jars. Put a tealight in each one and decorate the jars with ribbons to match your colour scheme. Place a few jars of different sizes in the centre of the table. Simple yet gorgeous.
  13. Make a playlist for the evening do on your iPad, tablet or phone, attach it to portable speakers and turn it up! Saves a small fortune on a DJ, and also helps if you don’t have a lot of space in your venue. Put a playlist together for the reception as well. Compile a list of romantic songs to play on low volume throughout your meal.
  14. Ask taxi firms if they do VIP cars, NOT wedding cars. This will cost you just slightly more than a regular taxi, but you will be sent a very nice car with a suited driver to arrive at your venue in style.
  15. For the ceremony, consider your local registry office, or church if you are religious. It is usually much cheaper to do this rather than pay a hotel for the full package, ceremony/reception and evening do.

Skint Momma xx

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