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How to Look Glamorous in 5 minutes | On a Budget

5 Minute Mum Makeover for Busy Mums


Being a mum to young children often leaves me feeling less than glamorous, sometimes it’s important for us Mommas to take 5 and do something small that just makes us feel more human. Whether it be applying a face mask, having a quick shower with the door closed, or putting on a bit of make up, if the opportunity arises for me to take a few minutes for myself I’m grabbing it!

So, I decided to pay a visit to my favourite beauty site Feel Unique (and my mascara from LIDL!) and treated myself to my bi-yearly “mum make up” haul. All of the products that I bought were all under £10 each, but most of the items were under £5 each, my absolute favourite budget make up brand being Rimmel.

I can’t even pretend to want more expensive make up, for me sometimes there are a few cheaper options out there that I just have to have in my make up bag!

Here is everything that I got…




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Give Him a Little Time | with JORD

Give him a little bit of time…

I have been thinking a lot about time recently. I even wrote an alternative Christmas ‘Gift Guide‘, encouraging everyone to ‘give a little time’ this Christmas.

But what if you could literally give one of the special men in your life a little piece of time? A beautifully stylish piece of time that is.


Be it your husband, father, brother or boyfriend, a JORD wooden time piece really is an exquisite gift for the one you love.

I was so lucky to be contacted by JORD and offered the chance to review this gorgeous gift. Of course I jumped at the chance! My husband is one lucky man…but of course he knows that anyway!!

The dark sandalwood and burgundy wooden watch appealed to me straight away, it suited him. It was subtle, yet eye catching, casual enough for every day wear, but classy enough for taking me out to wine and dine (wishful thinking…). I jest of course.


I couldn’t fault my husband; in all the years we have been together, he has given me all of his time and more. He works so hard for our children, it’s totally admirable. He deserves a little piece of time, all of his very own. Plus, he does tend to take his time when we have places to be, so now there are no excuses for tardiness (tehe)!


Do you have (or are) an amazing man in your life who you would like to treat to a little piece of time? SHOP HERE

Or a fabulous lady (or yourself) who deserves to stand out from the crowd this Christmas? SHOP HERE

You may have noticed all of the currency is in $$’s, this is because JORD is an American company, but they do of course ship to the UK! Don’t worry!



There is giveaway now open and will run through 31/1/17 at 11:59pm.

The giveaway is pretty simple and pretty cool! Anyone who signs up through clicking on the picture below, instantly gets a $25 JORD e gift code! Its that easy!

The $25 JORD e-gift codes will expire on 14/3/17.



This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches






Wood Watch Review


Honest Slimatee Review

DISCLAIMER :- I do not work for HOLLAND AND BARRATT or Slimatee, or sell anything to do with Slimatee. I’m simply just a mummy trying to shift a few (by a few I mean a lot) pounds!



I had started to look around online at these ‘teatox’ teas being advertised. After seeing the price of them, I thought twice and started to ask around. One woman mentioned ‘Slimatee’ from Holland and Barrett, so I started reading reviews and doing a little research on it before making my purchase.

At just £3.69 for a box of 20, I bought myself 2 boxes at buy one get one half price, because you know how I love a special offer (offers change all the time, offer was correct at time of purchase – Aug 2015).

When my tea arrived it took me over a week to actually open it and start drinking my daily cup, as I was being told lots of dodgy stories about it, mainly bathroom related!

Once I started, the first thing I noticed was the taste – exactly like peppermint tea. I love peppermint tea so it wasn’t hard to swallow at all. 

About 10 hours after drinking the tea, I noticed some mild cramps in my tummy but nothing else. 12 hours later, a short bathroom trip was required, but really nothing out of the ordinary (SORRY!!).

I continued to drink one cup a day for 14 days, once in the morning around 8/9am. I changed my diet as well. I cut down on snacks and bread, and ate low calorie crisps and fruit instead of snacking on junk.

I ate all my own home cooked meals for dinner, I usually had an omelette and salad for lunch and toasted Nimble bread with cottage cheese, yogurt and fruit for breakfast.

By day 14 I had lost 10lbs.

So my conclusion is…if you want Slimatee to work, you HAVE to eat healthily alongside it. Drink plenty of water and green tea too. I have to admit I did NO exercise at all, as I am still suffering with pelvic arthropathy after giving birth (horrible!).

Slimatee seems to be more of a colon cleanse, rather than a ‘miracle cure’ for being overweight! In my opinion there is no quick fix for losing weight, the real key to it is a healthy diet and exercise! Although, it definitely helped my tummy feel a LOT less bloated and I didn’t feel tired or sluggish anymore, which for me was fantastic.

*Remember – do not drink it for longer than 14 days in any 2 month period and ONLY have ONE cup per day! (check with Holland and Barrett/your pharmacist/your GP if you are unsure about anything please!)

….I’m looking forward until I can drink it again, so yes, I would recommend it!


Skint Momma xx

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Beauty on a TIGHT budget with Lidl’s Cien Makeup


I had some fun with these fab products that were sent to me from Lidl Northern Ireland. I am in love with the makeup bag they sent me with my name on it! They must have known how hard it is to find personalised items when your name is ‘Gina’. Also, can we just look at the cute flamingo tote bag they sent me? Adorable! No more manky bags for life for me! Woohoo!



I was so excited to try the new Cien All-in-One BB cream. I used the ‘light’ shade. I didn’t apply any blush, bronzer or moisturiser with it, I used only the BB cream with a little Cien Volume Mascara & Cien red lipgloss in shade – 14 Bold Bordeaux.

Verdict – LOVE ❤️

This look is great for “natural” days. You all know as well as me that the last things busy mums have time to do is spend half an hour applying makeup, but why can’t we have a little ‘glow’ about us anyway? It’s perfect for slappinng on quickly before the school runs, or rushing around trying to sort out the kids before heading out to work.

This took me less than 2 minutes to do, and I have to say I was very happy with the result.

I took the picture in the natural light in front of the window & added NO filter, so it definitely does it’s job (plus it’s SPF 15 and reduces wrinkles so I am not complaining about that).

I heard its hitting the shelves in Lidl at the end of June and will be only £2.49!!! (Lipgloss – £1.49 & mascara – £2.49)

Just what us mommas need eh? A BARGAIN!

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Skint Momma xx

Lidl Cien Makeup
Testing Lidl Cien BB cream
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