Why not save yourself some money and make some homemade cleaning products?


To make your own cleaning spray all you need is…


1 part apple cider vinegar

4 parts cooled boiled water

A spray bottle (I used an old febreeze bottle, just give it a good clean first!)

Optional:- a few drops of your favourite essential oil or some lemon juice for fragrance



– Remember to label your bottle so you know what is in it (I know I still need to label mine)!

– I use mine to clean my work tops/ outside of my bin/ cutting boards/ cooker/ general surface stains 


This spray is especially great for removing crayon off floors, walls, counter tops, highchair trays….the list is endless. It’s free from harmful chemicals so I don’t have to usher the kids out of the room before I start spraying and scrubbing like a crazy person!

homemade cleaning spray

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