Skint Momma’s simple Halloween on a budget…


With all of the party-going children being between the ages of 1 and 5, I wanted to throw them a fun little party this Halloween with out all of the expenses. By shopping around, I was able to find lots of little gems for the children to enjoy!

Starting with Asda we got some awesome decorations, paper dishes, plastic cutlery and some yummy chocolates and buns. Of course, I could have been one of those mums who make everything themselves, bake from scratch and be an all round domestic goddess…but I have 2 kids under 3 and I just didn’t have the time!

We also got all of our food from Asda. The frozen bags of party food are fantastic and always a treat for the little ones!

With everything being so affordable, it is fabulous for mums-on-the-go like me who just want it done…like yesterday.

Next we went to Home Bargains, where we found our costumes, even MORE sweets, our pumpkin buckets….and my broomstick!

Lastly, we popped quickly into Tesco and grabbed a GIANT PUMPKIN for just £3…my daughter insisted on carrying it, until she realised that it weighed almost the same as she did.

If you want to see our awesome party, here’s the video below…


Happy Halloween

Skint Momma xx