Are you trying to lose weight but can’t bear the thought of living on lettuce and rice cakes until your old jeans fit?

So instead of crying in to your cucumber and carrot sticks, why not try this easy, cheap and yummy dessert to help keep you ON the weight loss wagon.

I came up with this dessert late last night, just as the midnight munchies started to take over.

Usually I will try and ignore it, but sometimes, needs must.

I also must say, that I loosely follow the Slimming World plan, being a former member, I dug out my old books and started going at it again.

So  if you want to be a little indulgent after dinner, here is my simple ‘Banoffee’ recipe…

Ingredients (makes one portion)

1 sliced banana

4 crushed Cadbury’s chocolate fingers

1 toffee Mullar light

2 tbsp of quark fat free cream cheese

1 tsp of sweetener


Mix the yogurt with the quark and sweetener

Begin by layering banana, then yogurt mixture then biscuit, and repeat

It’s really as simple as that!


Skint Momma xx


*I have no connection to Slimming World so please check your ‘syn’ values and don’t quote me on anything Slimming World related*