We are all constantly looking for ways to save money and cut cost. Food shopping is an expense we simply cannot cut out. But what we can do is find ways to cut the weekly cost and look for ways to save our money for other of life’s necessities.

To make looking at your latest food shop’s receipt less stressful, here are my top 5 tips to avoid unnecessary spending…

1- Pay in cash. Budget for your weekly shop. Only lift out the exact amount of cash you have budgeted for and leave your cards at home. This way you can really think twice before throwing that extra item into your trolley. It will make you think, “Do I really need that?”

2- Take a FULL fridge/freezer/cupboard inventory before even thinking about your shopping trip. Look at everything you have in the house and then write a shopping list based on the meals you will be cooking during the week. This means meal planning is essential too.

3- Buy meat when it is on offer, freeze it in portions. For example, if you have 2kg of chicken breasts in your freezer and you only want to use 400g for one meal, freeze them in 400g portions to save major food waste. It means you aren’t having to smash 2kg of frozen chicken apart with a hammer to get the amount you want, nor do you have to defrost it all with no intention of using it all over the next few days.

4- Shop around for bargains. Don’t assume that one shop is cheaper for everything than another. Look out for special offers, take 20 minutes out of your day and research different supermarkets and what offers they have on that week. Don’t forget your local shops too.

5- *I KNOW this isn’t always possible for busy parents* but if you can, ask grandparents/aunts/uncles/close friends to watch your kids for an hour and do the shopping without them. Kids love throwing extra items in the trolley and are FANTASTIC at convincing you that you need a certain, sugar-coated, multi-coloured item! Also remember that online supermarket shopping is great for busy mums and dads too. Mid-week delivery slots like Tuesdays and Wednesdays can be as cheap as just £1. You would probably spend this (or more) on petrol to get to the shop, and the kids have no say in what is purchased if you use one of the supermarket apps for your phone so that they can’t see what your up to! It’s a win-win!

*TIP*  –  I purchased this great book, with two years worth of sheets, one for each week. It was £6.20 on Amazon and worth every penny! It has been a god-send for me planning my weeks meals ahead of time to avoid the temptation of going out to eat or grabbing a takeaway!


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Skint Momma xx