Are you the proud owner/mummy of 1 or more young children? Do you find yourself questioning everything you say and do? Do you feel like you might be losing your mind a little bit more every day?

You do??! 

You probably have ‘Mummy brain’

Here are the signs to look out for…

1 – When you go to do the laundry, you put all the kids clothes in the bin and a dirty nappy in the washing machine.

2 – You have to go through a list of names in your head before saying your own child’s name out loud. These may include the names of your siblings, partner, or pet’s name.

3 – You find your hairbrush in the fridge and can’t remember who put it there (it was you).

4 – You go for a pee at 5am…one minute later you think “Did I pee or not?”

5 – Your little bundle of joy explodes (from his/her bum) onto your bed at 3am, you reach for the baby wipes and throw a towel on it, lie down again and think “It’s only poo, I’ll deal with that tomorrow”. You don’t.

6 – You have left the house in one of the following at least once – slippers/dressing gown/pyjamas.

7 – You have sprayed hairspray on your armpits thinking it was deodorant and been genuinely confused all day as to why your skin is a strange texture and you smell like a hair salon

8 – You have used black eyeliner instead of eyebrow pencil…this needs no explanation. Epic brows.

9 – You forget what it’s like to talk to people like an adult. You use the phrase “poo-poos” far too often.

10 – ……………I’ve forgotten…

…and the best thing about it is – they don’t care what a hot mess I am. Not one bit! 


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